If you resolved to cook more in the New Year, first, we applaud you! Because cooking is fun and awesome. Second, we’re so glad you found this post, because we think you might find that picking the best meal kit delivery service is a HUGE help in achieving this goal!

While we don’t mind freewheeling in the kitchen, we know that lots of people don’t — and that cooking can be a bit intimidating. This is why we’re generally big fans of meal kit delivery services. Most of them make making dinner a breeze and totally convenient — and they can teach you a lot about how to cook and build really tasty flavors.

Over the past couple of years, a ton of these meal kit delivery services have popped up. We’ve been lucky enough to review some of the most popular ones out there. Read on for our take on Sun Basket, Green Chef, and Daily Harvest. (In some cases we love them so much that we’re an affiliate and have scored you a GREAT deal on trying it out. So be sure to look for special codes just for you!)

Hopefully, it helps you to find the best meal kit delivery service for you and your life!

Sun Basket

There are a number of things to love about Sun Basket, especially if you’re health- and eco-minded like us: its produce is organic, everything comes in eco-friendly packaging, and you can customize your meals each week based on personal preferences on the way you like to eat (vegetarian, gluten-free, Paleo, etc.). In addition, we found Sun Basket to be the most foodie and interesting of the three we tried with lots of options that included flavors and big spices from around the world.

See the meals and read our full review of Sun Basket here. Save up to $35 off your first box here.

Green Chef

If eco-friendliness and flavor are your top priority, Green Chef is basically made for you. Almost all of the packing is recyclable — even the plastic bags, if you remove the stickers. Each meal kit also provides a good diversity of veggies and proteins with strong, bold flavors that you can control to your liking. Green Chef has a nice mix of pre-made sauces and some ingredients that are pre-chopped, while also giving you some to chop so you feel like you’re cooking. And, speaking of cooking, of all that we tried we felt that this meal kits delivery service actually taught you some cooking skills. Always a bonus!

See the meals and read our full review of Green Chef here.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is the most convenient and already prepared of the three we’ve tried. And that has its pros and cons. Granted, you don’t do much cooking besides blending, heating, or soaking, but for busy peeps or those who really want to do minimal cooking, that’s kind of great! Offered in either a weekly or monthly plan, Daily Harvest delivers frozen, plant-based, and farm-fresh smoothies, soups, Harvest Bowls, oat bowls, chia bowls, and lattes to your door. Like the other services, you can customize your order, and every cup is gluten-free and plant-based with tons of healthy ingredients.

See the meals and read our full review of Daily Harvest here

What do you think is the best meal kit delivery service out there? We’ve also heard great things about Blue Apron and HelloFresh! –Jenn

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