What’s something you’ve done during this pandemic that you’re proud of? What’s one thing that’s make you feel good?


Maybe it’s sending a postcard or letter to a friend, or leaving some freshly baked cookies on your neighbor’s doorstep. Writing positive reviews for local businesses you usually visit or calling your parents/grandparents more often.

If you’re looking for an idea beyond the ones above, may I suggest a little online shopping with the Women’s Bean Project? Whether you’re looking for some snacks and staples to stock your own pantry or looking for a great gift to send someone who’s celebrating a birthday (or could just use a little cheering up), there are some really great foodie finds — and supporting them is a simple way to help this non-profit organization provide jobs and opportunity for chronically unemployed women in the Denver area.

Here’s how it works. Women’s Bean Project empowers Snacks for women facing barriers to employment by hiring them, offering steady paychecks, and providing support services to build life skills.

Women in the Women’s Bean Project spend seven months exploring their talents in a safe work environment, producing various quality foods. Women in the program are pay for 100 percent of their time, whether they’re officially working or meeting with a mentor or taking a class. Purchases support these efforts, covering about 60 percent of expenses; the other 40 percent comes through grants and donations that support program services.

What would you call this? A win/win/win? Buying, giving, baking, eating … it’s all good. —Kristen

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