When you love coffee, it’s not just a drink. It’s a lifestyle.


And these new products allow you to enjoy that java, in new ways, ALL DAY LONG.

Monthly Java + Tunes

If you love discovering new coffees as much as you love good music, this is the monthly club for you. The Good Thing Coffee and Vinyl Club will send you a 12-ounce bag of coffee and a 12-inch record from award-winning Tandem Coffee Roasters in Portland, Maine for just $35 a month. Curious as to what they usually ship out and if it jives with your Joe and musical tastebuds. See past shipments here.

Sparkling Coffee Water

We’ve got a serious sparkling water addiction here at FBG, and one of the latest flavors to come out from LaCroix is SUPER interesting: Coffea Exotica. A sparkling coffee without sugar, sugar substitutes, calories, or sodium, we were sent some to sip on and it tastes somehow light and refreshing but also smooth and a little rich with a hint of coffee. Definitely, a unique flavor that grew on us over time.

Yes, You’d Like Cream With That

There’s a big ol’ trend in coffee creamers and java add-ins right now — and it’s not about flavor. It’s about functional benefits.

Coffee Booster is a “liquid health supplement” that allows you to drink your vitamins in your daily cup of coffee instead of taking a pill. You can choose from Collagen, Mind, Multivitamin, Immunity, and Antioxidant blends, which are all flavorless or go for Vanilla or Mocha, which are a non-dairy creamer with MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) — and flavor, obviously.

Memento Cognitive Creamers are another option if you want to take your coffee to the next nutritional level. Made with C8 MCTs, Choline, Lion’s Mane, Collagen, L-Theanine, DHA, and silk peptides, these are flavored and can also be added to tea, smoothies, or really any beverage.

Coffee for a Cause

Drink to social change with Blk & Bold Coffee. Created by childhood friends Rod Johnson and Pernell Cezar who noticed a lack of representation in the growing coffee industry, they created their business with a social impact model that dedicates 5 percent of their proceeds toward issues such as helping eradicate youth homelessness and addressing food insecurities. You can now find their coffees in Target!

You might recall another cause-focused coffee we reviewed here a while back — Grounds & Hounds. So if animals are your passion, that’s another great option. Every pound saves a hound!

All-in-One Coffee

Wish your coffee Obsessed was more of a meal. Strong Coffee is an on-the-go coffee Obsessed drink mix that includes instant organic coffee, grass-fed collagen protein, and MCT oil powder. Just mix with hot water and go, go, go!

Which one do you wanna try first? –Jenn

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