Matcha has been having a moment now for, well, awhile now — and it’s well-deserved. Matcha green tea has scientifically-proven health benefits and is considered a superfood that can help reduce cholesterol, improve brain health, and even help prevent cancer.

But considering how popular — and beneficial — matcha is, I’ve found that a lot of people don’t know a whole heck of a lot about it, so I was thrilled to get the infographic at the bottom of this post from Matcha Kari! It’s got the true scoop (pun intended … and that’ll make way more sense once you know how to make a cup!) on all things.

Another thing I was thrilled to get? Jade Leaf Matcha’s new Latte Matcha Infusions in four flavors: Glow, Protect, Think, and Balance. They’re delicious (I particularly like them with cashew milk), easy to whip up (especially if you’ve got a little motorized whisk), can be enjoyed hot or iced, and offer some extra benefits that even go beyond what you’d expect from matcha.

Protect has herbs like ginger and tumeric for anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits; Think blends functional mushrooms to support brain health; Balance is packed with prebiotics and probiotics for digestive and immune health; and Glow incorporates collagen and biotin to support skin, hair, nail, tissue, and organ health (and is the only one I haven’t tried because, as a pescatarian, I don’t do bovine collagen, but my husband said it was super tasty!).

Health Benefits of Matcha
Are you much into matcha? If not, what’s holding you back? —Kristen

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