The weather is chilly.


The heater is on.


You’ve got a warm mug of coffee or tea to go along with your slippers.


Yep, coziness is in full effect.


And one of our favorite breakfasts for these awesomely lazy and cozy mornings? Oatmeal.

But just because oatmeal can be basic, it doesn’t mean it has to be basic. In fact, here are three ways we love getting our cozy oatmeal mornings on. And not one of them is boring, in the least.

Foodie and Fast

While it can be nice to fire up the stove for steel-cut oats in the morning, sometimes you just want to have something ready to go faster than you can say “hygge“. And there are good options out there to do just that! One that we recently tried (and were sent to review) is Mylk Labs oatmeal.

Mylk Labs are all-natural, non-GMO, whole-grain, vegan and free from gluten, refined sugars and artificial additives. You just add boiling water for a few minutes and then — boom! — tasty oatmeal in fun foodie flavors like Roasted Almond & Himalayan Pink Salt or Roasted Hazelnut & Dominican Cacao.

Protein-Packed Oatmeal

If you like your oatmeal with more protein power, try Oats Over Night (shown above) or think! Protein Oatmeal (which we were also sent to review).

Oats Over Night are — as the name suggests — prepped the night before by being shaken up with some milk and then left to set up overnight. What you have in the morning is a filling oatmeal breakfast with 32 or more grams of whey protein. In yummy flavors like Green Apple Cinnamon or Strawberries and Cream, they even include superfoods like maca, flax, and chia.

think! Protein Oatmeal comes in single-servings cup or pouches. Similar to Mylk Labs, you just add hot water and get 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per serving. Choose from flavors like Banana Bread, Apple Spice, or, Honey Peanut Butter. And while we haven’t tried them yet, think!’s newest oatmeal offerings in Cinnamon Almond and Maple Pecan also have probiotics (1 billion live CFUs) in them, which is pretty awesome.

Enough to Share

And for those mornings when you’ve had overnight guests or just want a special oatmeal treat, consider making this baked oatmeal recipe from Ellie Krieger. Just look at all this deliciousness!

Karen hipped me to the recipe, and its base is oatmeal, but it tastes and has the consistency more like a bread pudding or a dessert rather than a breakfast dish. Filled with fruits and veggies (yes, carrots!), it’s healthy, filling, feeds a crowd (or you almost all week long), and is so very crave-worthy. I found it to be especially tasty when warm and paired with cool plain Greek yogurt and fresh berries.

What’s your favorite kind of oatmeal to cozy up with? –Jenn

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